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Electrical-repairElectrical repair service is not generally something that a homeowner or a business can put off. It may have to do with safety, improvements and installations, additions and remodels, lighting, etc. Piper Electric Co. Inc. is capable of providing these repairs at any time, day or night.

Customers need to understand that certain electrical repairs should not be put on hold. Additionally, no one should take the DIY approach simply because of the dangers involved with live wires. Instead, one should rely on a reputable electrical repair company to provide the necessary assistance.

Piper Electric Co. Inc. is unique because it offers trained, state-licensed electricians. A customer never has to worry about who will come out to make a repair because every employee has been pre-screened and drug-tested. The service vans are also stocked, ensuring that parts are available for most repairs. Since most parts do not have to be ordered, a person can look forward to a faster repair.

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Surge-SuppressionA surge suppressor, commonly referred to as a surge protector, is a tool designed to protect electrical equipment from sudden increases in voltage. The suppressor works by limiting the voltage allotted to an electrical device, by grounding any voltage beyond the appropriate threshold.

Suppressors are often used in industrial settings with devices installed in communication systems, power distribution panels and process control systems. Smaller versions of suppressors are used in homes to protect household appliances from voltage hazards.  These types of suppressors are different from protecting plug strips that are commonly used for plugging multiple electronics into the same area.

Benefits of Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors
Transient voltage, referred to as a “power surge,” is an increase in voltage above the safely determined level. The standard voltage is 120 volts in residential and commercial buildings in the United States. If the voltage exceeds this amount, it may cause serious damage to any electrical devices powered by the outlets experiencing a surge.

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free-estimatesHere at Piper Electric Co., Inc., we are excited to offer free electrical service estimates to any potential customers. We know that each situation is unique and that charging flat rate pricing for our services could end up costing clients far more than what’s in their budget. Whether customers  need residential services or electrical services and repairs in the commercial industry, we want to provide it to customers at the best rate possible.

Other electrical companies charge for their estimates and then bill customers for a flat rate depending on what services they need. We don’t think that’s the right way to run our company. For more than 30 years, we have prided ourselves on offering a personal, tailored service that suits the needs of each and every customer. For example, one client may only need to install cable television wiring while another customer will need a home inspection and TVSS surge suppression, while someone else may need emergency electrical services for their home or business. A flat rate estimate for these circumstances would be unfair to all three customers.

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Canopy Airport Parking is currently the greenest parking facility in the world. Piper Electric Co., Inc. was honored and excited to be the electric contractor chosen to not only perform the electrical work, but also the solar installation and to assist with the geothermal hook-up. Canopy Airport Parking uses all LED lighting, has an array of solar panels, and uses wind turbines and geothermal energy. Piper Electric Co., Inc.’s role has been explained in a number of media articles including one on The ENR Mountain States- McGraw Hill Construction Website (mountainstates.construction.com). On the website The Canopy Airport Parking project article was very informative about the entire project including the contractors and sub-contractors that were involved.