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Trusting-Piper-ElectricOne of the most important steps in preparing a home or office for occupancy is the electrical installation. When performed by a qualified Denver electrician like Piper Electric Co., Inc., occupants can rest easy knowing that the job will be completed in a thorough and safe manner.

Electrical enhancements and upgrades can do much to improve your home or business. However, electrical work must be respected and handled with care. While there are some DIY projects dealing with electricity you can handle on your own, any major electrical installation should be done by a trained and licensed professional who understands the many practical and safety issues related to proper installation.

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Electrical-ContractorsPiper Electric Co., Inc.

Just like every other industry, the electrical industry is constantly changing and improving. Sticking with out-dated practices will leave electrical contracting companies behind their competitors. A high quality, leading electrical management team stays ahead of the industry and keeps their services up-to-date and revolutionized.

With 30 years of quality, respected electrical service, our Piper Electric Co., Inc. management team wants to keep you informed of the electrical industry times and illustrate how we stay ahead for our customer’s benefit. Piper Electric Co., Inc. practices the most current mandatory and up-to-date standards of the industry. Inform yourself so your home or business’s electrical work is updated and relevant for today.

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bbb-logoThe Better Business Bureau, which is known to many as the BBB, is in existence to maintain trust between consumers and businesses. Since 1912, the Better Business Bureau has been providing consumers with reviews on businesses in the United States and Canada. In addition, the BBB works to reconcile issues that a consumer has with a business. Businesses that are trustworthy will receive high ratings. Businesses that do not do well, have many complaints, and have substandard business practices will receive low ratings.

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Arc-Flash-HazardsAccording to OSHA, “Safety related work practices shall be employed to prevent electric shock or other injuries resulting from either direct or indirect electrical contact.”  *   This OSHA rule helps to enforce national guidelines regarding  Arc Flash Protection.

All Piper Electric Co., Inc. employees must wear arc flash protectors or arc flash personal protective equipment, also known as PPE, when working with devices, machinery or circuitry that have live electrical connections, in accordance with the OSHA Standard.  The level of PPE depends on the level or risk.  All employees receive training in the use of PPE, which includes what conditions or locations make the equipment necessary, how to properly wear PPE and knowledge of arc flash protector maintenance. At Piper Electric Co., Inc. our number one priority is to get our employees home safe every night.

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electrical-workWhen a home or commercial building needs electrical work, many owners make the mistake of only getting a single estimate for the job. Getting multiple estimates may take longer than just having one Denver electrician visit the premises, but this extra time could lead to substantial savings and a better quality of workmanship.

Who to Call for Denver Electrician Estimates

When getting electrical estimates, the first place to call is Piper Electric Co., Inc. The experienced professionals at Piper Electric Co., Inc. offer high-quality work at an affordable and competitive price.  The free estimate manner of pricing electrical services can assure a no surprise, no risk way to get work done.  Clients can shop around for the best price vs. value company, and can budget for work.   Piper Electric Co., Inc. recommends getting three estimates before you schedule repairs or maintenance. 

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