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dimmer-switchLight dimmer switches are now common in most modern homes. Lighting affects the mood and comfort level of any given room. A bright halogen lamp just doesn’t help you wind down after a long day’s work, and a candle doesn’t work when you’re trying to make dinner. Dimmers can solve this problem.

If you use your dimmer often, however, you may notice it getting hot. Understandably, this can be disconcerting to a homeowner. If a dimmer gets too hot, it can actually melt the plastic plate or degrade  the electronic components.

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hot-tubHome hot tubs are becoming more popular. And why not? There’s nothing better than relaxing after a hard day’s work in a hot tub with a cold drink. But the increased demand has created a plethora of options for consumers to consider. Of course, hot tubs come in all  colors and sizes with differing jet placements and a range of other features, but getting a hot tub bubbling is not as easy as many people think.

A hot tub cannot be simply plopped on a deck, filled with water, and plugged in. Here are some hot tub owner tips to consider before you look at buying a hot tub.

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Aluminum-WirePiper Electric Co., Inc. has been dealing with aluminum wire termination for as long as we’ve been in business. Our Colorado licensed electricians can assess your wiring systems to see if you have any termination problems, and they will tell you exactly what needs to be done before you pay anything. You can be sure that we will make the electrical systems in your home as safe as possible without using unnecessarily expensive techniques.

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