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outlet-issuesSometimes the smallest residential electrical issue can be a  big headache. When outlets trip, for example, there are generally several electrical devices or appliances being used in one electrical zone. Then POP! No more power.

GFCIs May Be to Blame

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are outlets that trip themselves when they detect certain problems. They are designed to prevent electrical shock and other potential dangerous accidents, which is why they are required in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, outdoor areas, and unfinished areas .

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home wiring issuesWe live in a wired world, appliances, lights, computers, and more need to  be plugged in.  All of those wires can become unsightly  depending on where they need to be run.  Think of a flat screen TV with the mess of wires hanging behind it, instead of being hidden—which would look better?

Unfortunately, phone and cable providers generally will not run wires based on a homeowner’s preference, and many of these companies will only wire on the exterior of a home. They will do things the easiest way possible, which usually involves running cables on the outside of the house and drilling in at the point of use. This may leave you with wires and cables placed along your walls not to your preference.

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turning-on-lightsAluminum wiring is common today and can be perfectly safe when installed and terminated correctly. The transmission lines passing overhead as you drive and those coming into your home are often aluminum, for example. But many older homes have aluminum wiring that was  through time has become unsafe which can create a potential fire hazard. Keep an eye out for any warning signs that may indicate that your home has aluminum wiring issues.

Indicators of Aluminum Wiring Issues

There are a number of electrical red flags that could indicate an aluminum wiring problem. Make sure you call an electrician if you see:

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motion-sensorWe all want our families to be safe at home, and there are many products to help us feel safe. While some homeowners still use traditional deterrence methods like fences, bars, and “Beware of dog” signs, there are proactive and responsive electronic security systems being used today that can be much more effective. However, as with every electronic system, improper installation or malfunctions could make them a nuisance or even inoperable, leaving your home and family vulnerable.

Motion sensors seem to be especially problematic. When they are working improperly, they can add unnecessary costs to your electric bill and disrupt your sleep and peace of mind. But there is a lot that you can do before you call an electrician.

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