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Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Everything, it seems, is going “smart” these days: smart phones, smart cars, smart appliances, and even smart buildings. These advances have improved the function of many of the basic systems and infrastructures we use every day. Many businesses have found that efficiency can be improved and costs reduced by harnessing these “smart” technologies. Leading the way in “smart” solutions for Denver area businesses, Piper Electric Co., Inc. installs BAS for commercial and industrial buildings.

The Power of Building Automation Systems

Building Automation Systems  or Energy Management Systems (EMS) monitor, regulate, and control many of the electrical systems necessary to keep a large facility operating efficiently and reliably. These include vital systems like

  • Interior/exterior lighting
  • Energy usage (HVAC)z
  • Fire alarms

… as well as nearly any other electrical system. BAS can, for example, adjust lighting in a large office building or commercial space based on average daily usage rates or on the amount of usable natural light at a given time. They can also ensure that security systems are functioning properly so a breach is quickly detected.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are used in industrial and commercial computer control systems to mastermind these automated systems. Piper Electric Company, Inc. installs PLC panels that specifically fit the requirements of each and every Commercial and Industrial customer who has building automation needs.

Benefits of Building Automation

The commercial and industrial facilities that we’ve worked with that have installed building automation have found it to improve up-time, reduce maintenance and energy costs, and eliminate the headaches of electrical system failures. Smart technology has advanced beyond gimmicks and novelty; BAS controlled by programmable logic controllers has been become a practical and affordable smart solution for Denver area businesses.

A Building Automation Specialist

Piper Electric Co., Inc. has an expert team of licensed commercial and industrial electricians who specialize in building automation. We’ve worked with many of Denver’s largest and most respected installations. Give us a call today to see how our team can work with you to improve the efficiency of your facility and benefit your bottom line.