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lights-flickerFlickering lights are always a bit worrisome. It can happen during a thunderstorm, while the family is getting ready in the morning, or when a large appliance kicks on.. In some cases, an isolated light flicker isn’t a big deal. If the problem persists, though, you will want to get it checked out by Denver area electrical experts, like Piper Electric Co., Inc..

Why Do My Lights Flicker?

There are many possible reasons your lights may flicker from time to time:

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hairdryer-outlet-trippingIf you or someone in your family regularly uses a hairdryer, there’s a good chance that you’ve tripped a breaker at some point. Generally, this happens at the most inconvenient time—probably when you’re getting ready for work or a night out. There are a lot of electrical devices in your house, so why does the little ole’ hairdryer cause so many problems? Part of the problem is the way hairdryers work, but your power outlets and wiring could also be the culprit.

When the Problem is the Hairdryer

Believe it or not, hairdryers actually may  just as much power as a microwave (around 1500 watts). Many breakers are rated for 1800 watts, so they can’t handle the load if you have several other electrical devices—like a vacuum, TV, computer,  or lamp—plugged in along with the hair dryer.

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