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Piper Electric Co., Inc. (PECI) Purchase Order
Standard Terms and Conditions

  • All materials, services and installations requested by the purchase order shall beprovided in strictconformance with the current electrical contract specifications, drawings and approvedsubmittals.
  • All equipment and labor to be warranted for one year after customer acceptance or asrequired bycontract documents. If standard warranties are longer with any manufacturer, thatwarranty willextend to Piper Electric Co., Inc.
  • All correspondence and packages are to be marked with PECI’s job name, purchaseordernumber and equipment / fixture type. If not marked, holder of this purchase order shallidentifymaterials on the job site. If not completed by the supplier, all costs plus 25% will becharged foridentifying and labeling if done by PECI or an outside agency.
  • All sales tax shall be included on invoices to Piper Electric Co., Inc. and be inconformance with allcurrent tax laws.
  • All freight and transportation costs to the job site are included in the purchase order amount.
  • If there is damage to the material ordered on this purchase order due to shipping, or if there isconcealed damage, the vendor shall pick up material from point of delivery and beresponsiblefor all freight claims and replacement of damaged material.
  • Quantities are subject to change prior to shipment of initial order, with pricing to be adjustedaccordingly.
  • All labor, start-up services, programming and testing to be itemized and billed separately.
  • All materials and equipment to be a UL listed and labeled.
  • Carrier to notify PECI 24 hours prior to delivery. Holidays and week-ends do not applytoward the 24 hours. If not properly notified, PECI reserves the right to refuse or reassignthe order to an alternate destination at no additional cost.
  • PECI reserves the right to cancel this purchase order prior to manufacture and shipmentwithout penalty. This provision also enables PECI to cancel any stock order prior toshipment without penalty.
  • All invoices shall be submitted to our office prior to the 20th of the month to be considered forpayment the following month.
  • This purchase order is subject to 10% retention being held until final acceptance by the owner,when service is applicable.
  • Payment on this purchase order is subject to a “Pay when Paid” clause if applicable per thecontract documents for this project.
  • All material delivered to a job site by any carrier shall be signed for by a PECIemployee.  Any expenses incurred by PECI as a result of not adhering to this provisionwill be paid by the supplier or deducted from the balance remaining on the executed purchaseorder.
  • No Revision to this Purchase Order will be valid unless amended by a written Change Order to the PurchaseOrder and signed by an authorized agent of Piper Electric Company, Inc.
  • All releases of material must be in writing.  Verbal releases will not be accepted.
  • Workman’s Compensation and General Liability insurances are the responsibility of the vendor for all laborforces provided by them on the jobsite.  Proof of insurance must be on file in our office before commencementof any jobsite work.
  • Vendor is to supply all MSDS information for products provided, per the OSHA Hazard Communication Act.
  • Under no circumstances shall any materials be delivered to a job site via UPS, unless express priorauthorization is given by PECI.