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troubleshootingTroubleshooting electrical problems in a home can be tricky. Because your residential electrical systems are made up of many wires, circuits, breakers, and other elements—and these components are often hard to access—identifying electrical issues can be a real challenge. Sometimes a simple crossed wire or faulty ground could be causing an ongoing issue. Or it could be that the wiring was incorrectly installed or is outdated and needs to be completely redone. Whatever the issue is Piper Electric Co., Inc. has a team of residential electricians in Denver who specialize in diagnosing home electrical issues and fixing them.

Advanced Testing Solutions

Once you’ve contacted us about your issue, we will send out a licensed electrician to diagnose the problem. They will generally want to find out if you have had similar problems in the past, if you noticed anything unusual over the preceding weeks, or other relevant information.  Depending on the type of electrical issue you are having, our electricians will start at either the main panel and work “downstream” or at the problem area and work “upstream.” This method allows us to ensure that we catch any possible problems along the way.

Beyond that, Piper Electric Co., Inc.’s residential electricians have a number of advanced tools at their disposal to help them troubleshoot electrical issues.  One of these solutions — infrared thermography,  uses a thermal imager to identify and record abnormal heat patterns in a given area. While not all electrical issues require the use of infrared thermography, this method can be utilized to identify trouble spots in inaccessible areas.

24-Hour Emergency Service

No electrical problem is too small to deserve attention. Even a seemingly little thing like a stray spark or temporary power outage can seem minor, but these issues could be indicative of a more systemic electrical problem. Piper Electric Co., Inc. offers a 24-hour emergency electrical service to address potential problems at any time of day, because electrical problems don’t just occur 9 to 5!

We Can Help

If you are experiencing any kind of electrical issue, you can have confidence in the licensed electricians at Piper Electric Co., Inc. Our experienced team of residential electricians in Denver will accurately troubleshoot any electrical problem you are having and give you a free estimate of what it will cost to fix it. Give us a call anytime to speak with a certified technician.